Our Ministry

the POWER of MEDIA for the PURPOSE of GOD



Beacon exists to inspire and revive Christians working in entertainment and media so that we may be empowered to persevere in our callings and Jesus may be more distinctly known through our work and witness.



A community of Christian entertainment and media professionals empowered to fully utilize our God-given gifts, talents, and strengths through mutual encouragement, shared insight, and common purpose.



  • A safe, welcoming community of peers
  • Modeling and being transformed by God’s loving kindness
  • Dedication to mutually uplifting one another spiritually and vocationally
  • Excellence and integrity in our work


Too often we hear of the separate worlds occupied by “Christian faith” and “secular entertainment career” with these two spheres being carefully and consciously kept apart or radically rejecting each other. In BeaconHollywood, we seek to integrate these worlds. Whether someone’s calling is to create Christian entertainment or whether it is to work in the mainstream market with a Christian worldview, BeaconHollywood is here to support the entire spectrum of craftspeople, executives, and business professionals as we collectively encourage and equip one another. We believe a Christ-centered community of believers in Hollywood can ultimately effect media content while powerfully caring for its own. This community, housed at Bel Air Church, stands with you as you stand in the entertainment industry.


Welcome to BeaconHollywood!