• Do I have to be a Christian to be part of Beacon?
    YES- Beacon is a Christian community of entertainment professionals. (although anyone can view public content on this site. Perhaps there is content here that you can use to create a conversation with a friend or family member.)
  • Do I need to be a working professional in entertainment or the arts to be part of Beacon?
    YES- the virtual community is designed for working professionals.
  • Do I have to be a member of Bel Air Presbyterian Church to be a Beacon member?
    NO- One of the purposes of a virtual community is that we're not located in any one geographical place. There are Christians from many different denominations in diverse parts of the world who have submitted membership profiles on this site.
  • What is a Beacon membership profile?
    As part of the Beacon ministry and community, you can create an online membership profile to be connected with other Christian entertainment and arts professionals. A membership profile provides a way that this community can get to know one another both spiritually and vocationally.
  • What do I need to complete a Beacon membership profile?
    When submitting a profile, you will need to complete-1. Basic Information (i.e .name, picture, location)  2. Spiritual information 3. Current Professional Information
  • Is there a fee to become a Beacon member?
    NO- there is no cost or fee to join our entertainment community! It is free.
  • What if I don't want my profile public for anyone to see?
    PRIVACY- You can choose a Private option when creating your profile. At the bottom of the sign up page you can select if you'd like to make your profile "Public" or "Private".  Choosing to make your profile "Private" means that only those who have also submitted membership profiles can view your content.
  • What are the advantages of creating a Beacon membership profile?

                    Online Community of Christian Industry Professionals

                    Searchable Database of Profiles

                    Special “Members Only” Events Previews & Premieres





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